Start Free Right Away

Is it really free?

Nothing is free, right? You get what you pay for right?  Websites, keyword research and internet marketing training? Start Free Right Away.

Allow me to explain

Websites each have a purpose.  An affiliate marketing website is a website that is devoted to affiliate marketing.

The best way to explain affiliate marketing is that it is putting other people’s, other company’s products or services in front of people who want, need, or are looking for those products or services.  When the buyer and seller connect and do business, the affiliate marketer receives a commission.

The affiliate marketer doesn’t have to do any direct selling, although many do.

Nowadays, the most popular place for this sort of business to be conducted is online.

If this is something you’re interested in pursuing, you will need at least one website.  Do you have one?  If not, are you interested in learning how you can get one for free and get it up and running quickly?

Additionally, you will need one or more products to promote?  Do you have that?  Would you like to know how?

Perhaps you already have a website and you know what product or products you want to promote.  Do you know who the people are who are looking for the products or services?  Do you know where they are and how to find them?  They are your niche.

If you already know your niche, are you skilled and experienced or will you need training?  If you need training, would you like to know how you get it for free?

Before proceeding, let me be clear.  The word free refers to the amount of money out of your pocket.  In this case, when I say free, it’s $0.  However, as we all know, there are no free lunches.  You will be required to work and invest time and effort.  This isn’t going to happen by waving a magic wand.

Let me warn you.  It’s simple but it’s definitely not easy.  It’s certainly not as easy as many make it seem.

Are you willing to do the work and put in the time and effort it takes to succeed?

Online survey websites & why you should avoid them

One of my friend asked me about online surveys websites and whether they were a good way to make money online.

And well, that is a loaded question, because there’s basically two ways to look at making money using online surveys.

1) Part-time Income

The first way to view it is to think of it as a way of earning extra income as opposed to working your way up to a full-time income.

If you’re just looking for a little bit of fun with the added bonus of making money on the side, then online survey websites could be a good way to do this.

Keep in mind though, that you will be spending a lot of time completing mundane tasks and not getting paid much for your time.

For example, on average each task is worth roughly $0.02 per task and is most cases allow between 15 to 30 seconds to complete per task.

Therefore on average you will be earn anywhere between $0.04 to $0.10 per minute which then equates between $2.4 and $6 per hour.

Now you do have the ability to earn more with larger tasks such as completing online surveys, but they can be few and far between, because you have to qualify for each survey.

Obviously, companies are only interested in surveying a segment of their target market, which means that if you don’t fall into that demographic then you probably won’t get qualify.

2) Full-time

You could do online surveys full-time if you had enough spare time on your hands and were willing to sign up to as many online survey companies as possible.

However, you my still not get enough online surveys to complete no matter how many survey companies you join.

My advice would be to stay away from this companies as much as possible.

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